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Samburu National Reserve

This picturesque reserve located in the Samburu district of the Rift Valley Province of Kenya is rugged open savannah renowned for rare species unique to the reserve. These species include the long-necked gerenuk, Grevy’s zebra, reticulated giraffe, Beisa Onyx and the Kenya leopard. During the dry season, all the animals converge at the Usaso Nyiro River, providing guests with a wonderful opportunity to see these species up close. With over 450 species of birds, this reserve is a utopia for bird lovers.  Your trip to Samburu would not be complete without the unique cultural experience with the Samburu tribe, which provides an incredible insight into their traditional ceremonies, food, dances and crafts.


Samburu National Reserve Hotels

$$$$$ Sasaab - The Safari Collection Samburu National Reserve

Honeymoon, Modern Chic, Character Boutique, Directors favourites, Luxury, Great Spa, Remote Location

Sasaab is located on the banks of the Eyaso Nyiro River close to the Buffalo Springs National Reserves in the Northern Frontier.  It is a place of rich natural diversity with elephant, lion, leopard...

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