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We here at Oasis take great pride in providing innovative itinerary suggestions that will exactly suit your preferences and travel aspirations. We will tailor make your prefect trip to any of our featured destinations. To make best use of our unique service just follow the simple procedure outlined below.

Our website has been designed to use in a number of ways.


if you know which country, or countries, you want to visit just head directly to the specific web page for that country and check out the “Hotel and Destination Guide”. Here you will find a wealth of information on the more popular destinations as well as some of the more off beat Oasis favourites that you may not have thought about!


if you don’t really know quite where it is you want to go on holiday and you are looking for some inspiration you have a number of options. Just click on the HOLIDAY THEME drop down menu at the side of the page and see where the Oasis suggestions take you! Alternatively, click on the “theme” link on specific country pages and this will tell you at a glance just what type of holiday is available in that specific destination.


if you prefer to organise your holiday on the basis of accommodation style just look in our Places to Stay. Here you will find hotels broken down into categories such as Character Boutique, Historic Hotel and Modern Chic to name but a few.


if all that clicking links is not for you, just give us a call…..we are always here to talk to you! When and how long for are really the only things we need to know to help you start planning that perfect holiday!

For some itinerary suggestions in a specific country just click on the link, but please remember that these are only suggestions, you can add or subtract days wherever you want to make your perfect trip. You are only limited by your time and imagination!

Once you have decided which country or countries you wish to visit give us a call. You will then only ever deal with a country specialist who can talk you through the practicalities of your itinerary and may suggest other alternatives or additions where appropriate and answer any questions you may have. And, as we use mainly small boutique accommodation, they will also guide you on the likelihood of availability.

Once we have completed our initial discussion we will send you an in depth travel itinerary complete with detailed descriptions about the places, tours and accommodation. Once you have received the information we will then be available to answer any questions or queries you may have. It maybe that after reviewing the itinerary you may feel you would like to slot in another destination or the pace of travel is not quite right. If this is the case we will be happy to further refine your itinerary until you are absolutely satisfied.

The confirmation process only begins once we have received your booking form and deposit. It is at this point that we send the booking requests and confirm the services and accommodation for your holiday.

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Start planning your next trip today

Speak to one of our travel specialists and we’ll create your personalised itinerary just for you.