Osumi Canyon

Albania - Southern Albania

Located in southern Albania, close to Çorovoda, the Osumi Canyon is a breathtaking river canyon.

The river flows through the canyon and passes through the town of Berat. The canyon boasts numerous unexplored caves and underground passages along its entire length. In the spring, melting snow results in high water levels, making it possible to explore the whole length of the canyon from the river. The rapids are Class II, making it easy for anyone to navigate them without prior experience with white water. However, during the end of summer, when the water levels are lower, the entire length of the canyon is not navigable. The edges of the canyon have a unique ecosystem that preserves the greenery on both sides of the canyon all year round. The canyon has some extraordinary rock formations with fanciful names, such as the Cathedral, the Eye, and the Demon’s Door.

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