Situated in the Tassili National Park, Djanet borders Niger on its southern border. There are no urban buildings in the Djanet oasis, just tranquillity and the peace this area provides. The inhabitants are friendly and humble and take traditional care of their visitors and travellers.

The greatest attraction is the Tassili N’Ajjer’s fifteen thousand rock paintings, and its sheer-sided canyons, and natural springs.

The market is a delight, selling fresh vegetables every morning. A small museum is a must see, but strolling around the village and the surrounding areas are much more rewarding.

Seek out the talented craftsmen, artists and musicians in Djanet and admire their beautiful crafts available for sale.

The women make and play traditional musical instruments such as the Monocorde having a stick-shaped body and one string. The conventional drum, the Tinde accompanies traditional dances.

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