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Falkland Islands

Three hundred miles east of Argentina, the Falklands are a remote group of islands deep in the South Atlantic, a  self-governing British Overseas Territory sadly synonymous with the 1982 conflict. Yet politics aside, the Falklands display a wild beauty which captivates nature lovers from far and wide. On land, rugged rolling hillsides provide the perfect conditions for sheep-farming and in spring are ablaze with wild flowers and sweet, endemic “diddle-dee” berries. Yet, it is the stunning wildlife mainly birds which has made the Falklands a key stop on the longer Antarctic cruises. Pristine, golden beaches teem with penguins, a remarkable 5 species in all – King, rockhopper, magellanic, gentoo and macaroni – as well as provide nesting sites for the largest population of black-browed albatross in the world. On East Falklands, the capital Stanley is an interesting and colourful town and provides access to both war memorials and rookeries alike.