As any Argentine would be proud to tell you, the country has the biggest and best of everything – Aconcagua, the highest mountain in the Americas; Iguazu, the largest waterfalls in the world; Perito Moreno, the earth’s only advancing glacier and the list goes on: the finest steaks, the best wines, the strongest horses not to mention the iconic figures of Evita, Chez Guevara and Maradona (and now Messi). And truth be told, he’s not wrong!

From the vibrant culture of cosmopolitan Buenos Aires to the huge estancias and cattle ranges of the south, Argentina has a wealth of riches that will appeal to any traveller. Dance tango in the capital’s traditional Milongas, ride with the gauchos across the great grass plains and marvel at the sheer scale of the natural wonders.

Argentina is a vast county of dramatic contrasts, which offers a dizzying number of natural attractions. To the north, great swathes of temperate rainforest teem with wildlife including jaguar while in the south, the towering granite peaks of Patagonia rise up from the pampa grasslands holding back huge icefields.

With an excellent range of accommodation from boutique hotels to authentic estancias estates and world class cuisine (not just steak and wine!), Argentina will keep you coming back for more!

With so much to explore one visit is just never enough!

Argentina Itinerary Ideas

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