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The Ibera Wetlands

The vast “Esteros del Iberá” are the second largest wetlands in the world after Brazil’s Pantanal and cover some 1300 km² of marsh, savannah and lagoons in north-east Argentina at the heart of Corrientes Province. Despite being remote and inhospitable the wildlife is extraordinary and home to a dazzling array of flora and fauna including pampa deer, capybara, caiman, river otters, maned wolf and over 300 species of birds. 

Access by air is via Posadas just across the river from Paraguay and there are a number of excellent lodges dotted around Carlos Pellegrini at the heart of the natural reserve. Journeys are long and bumpy yet the experience more than makes up for it.

The Ibera Wetlands Hotels

$$$$ Rincon del Socorro The Ibera Wetlands

Directors favourites, Eco-friendly

Located deep in the remote, wildlife-rich Ibera Wetlands, the Estancia Rincon del Socorro is a charming, luxury eco-lodge and former cattle ranch nestled in 12,000 hectares of vibrant lake, marsh and...

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$$$$$ Puerto Valle The Ibera Wetlands

Overlooking the Parana River in the north-eastern corner of the Ibera Natural Reserve – 1.3 million hectares of wetlands, gallery forest and savannah – Puerto Valle is a charming boutique hotel just...

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$$$$ Posada Aguape The Ibera Wetlands


Perched on the edge of Carlos Pellegrini, some 3 hour’s drive from Posadas airport, Posada Aguape is a charming lodge overlooking the Ibera Lagoon at the heart of the wetlands. Wildlife abounds in...

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$$$$ Estancia San Alonso The Ibera Wetlands

Hacienda, Eco-friendly

Deep in the wilds of the Ibera Wetlands, nestled in some 11,000 hectares of wonderful lake, marsh and gallery forest, Estancia Sal Alonso is a remote, island hideaway and small working ranch sitting...

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