Immerse yourself into Benin’s history, and in doing so, you will stumble upon nearly three centuries of slave traders, the birthplace of voodoo kingdoms, dazzling palaces, floating villages on stilts and the Temple of the Python. Paddle across a lagoon, engage in the colour and movement of community festivals, discover the healing magic of voodoo, or follow in the footsteps of thousands of slaves. Today’s Benin is enchanting, intriguing and surprising.

Steeped in rich and complex history, this small but surprising country will astonish you from its palm-fringed beaches on the Atlantic coast to the rugged scenery of the Parc National de la Pendjari and its friendly vibrant people.

Learn about the spirits and fetishes of the Afro-Brazilian heritage, the birthplace of voodoo the official religion of the country. Visit the vibrant towns of Ouidah, Abomey and Porto Novo all with a rich history and vibrant culture.

Stroll along The Route des Esclaves, and imagine the hustle and bustle by which slaves were taken down to the beach. Along the four-kilometre route, stop and ponder the numerous statues and monuments along the sandy road that nowadays is considered the main street, including a memorial arch known as the Door of No Return.

Offers so much for such a small country!

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