The Cordillera Real & Yungas

Bolivia - Bolivian Highlands

The spectacular Cordillera Real Range of the Andes soars over Bolivia, an unmissable destination for photographers and adventure enthusiastas alike!

The glacier-topped Andean peaks of Bolivia’s Cordillera Real tower above Lake Titicaca, a huge mountain range that runs south-east through the country and separates the highland plateau from the semi-tropical lowlands. With seven peaks over 6000m, the Cordillera Real offers some of the finest hiking in the Americas. Trekkers flock from far and wide to La Paz to make an attempt on Huayna Potosi, the easiest of the 6000m summits while further afield there is excellent walking, mountain biking and rafting around the pretty colonial town of Sorata. On the eastern flanks of the Andes, the steamy cloud-forested Yungas marks the transitional zone between the Andes and the lowlands where the mountains plunge down towards the Amazon basin. The lush vegetation harbours a wealth of wildlife including over 350 species of birds as well as jaguar and Spectacled Bears.

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