Uyuni & Southern Highlands

Bolivia - Bolivian Highlands

This lonely, remote corner of Bolivia harbours one of South America’s true natural wonders – Uyunii!

Deep in the southern highlands bordering Chile and Argentina lie some of South America’s most captivating and otherworldly landscapes. Soaring volcanoes and hotsprings smoke in the afternoon sun while multi-coloured lakes harbour flamingos amidst terracotta canyons, petrified forests and vast desert landscapes. However, all pale into insignificance compared to the dazzling Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest saltlake. Covering over 10½ thousand km², the Salar is a seemingly endless expanse of blinding white dotted with shimmering, rocky islands that teem with birdlife. Each year, when the saltlake floods, Uyuni is transformed into a giant mirror where the horizon disappears and land and sky merge into one vast, reflected panorama. The result is simply magical! Jeep trips into the saltlake run from the frontier town of Uyuni close by, home to the famous “train cemetery” where rusting carcasses of steam trains lie abandoned ion the surrounding track.

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