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Neum is a municipality in the extreme south of Bosnia and Herzegovina and is the only exit to the Adriatic Sea of the country.

Thanks to long and warm summers and short and mild winters, Neum is known as one of the coastal towns with the highest number of sunny days during the year, and the bay is protected and closed from the open sea by the peninsulas of Pelješac and Klek, the reason why the sea is so calm and clean. Ideal summer temperature, refreshing coastal air and water, leeward beaches and amazing family vacation resorts make Neum the perfect place for your next summer holiday. If you get tired of swimming and lying in the sun, you have many ways to spice up your vacation with a little adrenaline action! Complete your stay in Neum with scooters, speedboats, skiing and water surfing, and there are numerous basketball, football and volleyball courts for sports and recreation.

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