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Ringed by mountains, Sarajevo is a singular city with an enticing East-meets-West vibe all of its own. It was once renowned as a religious melting pot, earning it the epithet ‘the Jerusalem of Europe’.

Within a few blocks you can still find large Catholic and Orthodox cathedrals, Ashkenazi and Sephardic synagogues, and numerous mosques. Sarajevo bridges are sure to catch the attention of every tourist. Up to twenty bridges have been built on the Miljacka River flowing through Sarajevo. Sarajevo bridges represent more than mere architecture, they are deeply entrenched in the history of this city and built in different periods of time. Baščaršija is located in the very heart of Sarajevo and represents the cultural and historical centre of the city. Sarajevo Baščaršija lies on the north coast of the Miljacka River and today it represents the main tourist attraction of the city. The Sarajevo Baščaršija was built in 1462 when Isa beg Isaković constructed a khan and numerous shops. At that time, many of the inhabitants lived in the vicinity of the Emperor’s Mosque, which led to the construction of a bridge connecting the main Sarajevo settlement and the new economic centre of the city, Baščaršija. The Sarajevo Film Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Southeast Europe. It was founded during the siege in Sarajevo in 1995 and brings international and local celebrities to Sarajevo every year. The Sarajevo Film Festival is proof of the importance of the arts and culture to the people of Sarajevo, who even during the war managed to fight for the realization and survival of this world-famous festival.

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