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Kwando is an extension of the Linyanti ecosystem on the northwestern side of the interconnecting rivers. The northern Lagoon part is densely forested with various trees such as the baobab, sausage trees, lead woods, jackal berry and knob thorns.

Kwando during its migratory months is an African safari haven for zebra, buffalo and wildebeest dwellers from June to November, supplemented by elephants during the same dry winter season. The heavenly birdlife Kwando safari boasts of egrets and herons that are common dwellers including bee-eaters, diverse eagles and kingfishers.

The Lebala area on the southern end offers excellent photographic opportunities within its maze of grasslands, bushlands and islands of trees of sage, marula, baobabs, palms, camel thorns and acacia scattered all over the area. Towards the south, the landscape becomes more open, giving one a feeling of game-viewing autonomy as it nears the Selinda Reserve, enthralling pristine wilderness covering 320000 acres.

Home to a diverse flora, Fauna Selinda Reserve is famous for its wild dogs called the Selinda pack that are residents in reserve. Together with impala, kudu, red lechwe, giraffe, tsessebe, reedbuck, monkeys, steenbok and baboon, they form the general game attraction.

The Linyanti wildlife has similarities with that of the Okavango Delta in terms of its physical layout, the makeup of wildlife and vegetation. The distinct features of the Linyanti are its access to drier land making accessibility to more areas to game drive and its migratory wildlife patterns of the elephants, buffalos and zebras. The space between Linyanti River and Savuti Channel boasts of floodplains, lagoons and woodlands that are home to predators like lion, leopard, wild dog, cheetah, hyena and crocodiles.

Linyanti Selinda & Kwando Hotels

Wilderness Savuti Camp$$$$$

The camp promises an authentic and intimate safari offering. Just six suites (including a family room) all have front-row views of the geological marvel that is the Savuti Channel. From the camp’s expansive thatched main lounge, dining and bar areas, elevated wooden decks extend out over the channel bed. A small pool invites a refreshing dip, and a fire deck beckons for evening stories – being largely open to the bush, it serves to amplify the remarkable wildlife sightings. When the water...

Wilderness Savuti Camp

Linyanti Bush Camp$$$$

Linyanti Ebony$$$$

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