Nxai Pan National Park

Botswana - Okavango & Chobe

Nxai Pan National Park located on the northeastern part of Botswana embedded in the middle of grassy terrain spotted with umbrella thorn trees.

The park speckled with fossil pans watered in the rainy season serves as a water catchment basin. In the north, the park matted with green grasses and tattooed with islands of thorny acacia trees and mopane and Baobab woodland serve as rest and shade havens for all the various animals that make for a startling safari experience.

The park boasts leopard, honey badgers, lion, cheetahs, spotted and elusive brown hyenas, gemsbok, zebra, giraffe, kudu, hartebeest, black-backed jackal, rare wild dogs, bat-eared fox, impala, hartebeest and many more. There are 200 species of resident and migratory birds recorded.

Nxai Pan National Park Hotels

Nxai Pan Camp$$$$

Amidst pristine grasslands dotted with acacia trees, guests can unwind in one of the “Desert Rooms” or in a larger family room. Rooms boast an ensuite bathroom featuring an al fresco shower, and a private veranda overlooking the gorgeous panoramic landscape. Rooms are connected to the main guest areas by raised walkways. Guests can indulge in mouth-watering meals in the charming dining area or sip on their favourite sundowners on the large viewing deck.

Nxai Pan Camp
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