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The Serra Verde Express is one of South America’s prettiest rail journeys, a heady piece of track that negotiates mountains, forests and ravines to reach Brazil’s steamy southern coast.

It was constructed in the 1880’s to link Brazils agricultural plains to the Atlantic seaboard and by the time it was finished – some 5 years later – it counted over 610km track, 13 tunnels and some 30 bridges. Today, the original locomotives have long been abandoned yet the line lovingly restored enabling visitors to experience a wonderful array of micro-climates. From state capital Curitiba, forests of Monkey Puzzle Trees give way to dense Atlantic Rainforest as you zig-zag your way east through the peaks of the Marumbi National Park. There the track plunges down towards the ocean to reach the pretty colonial town of Morretes before continuing on once a week to the crumbling port of Paranagua.

The Serra Verde Express offers a rare insight into Brazil’s rugged Atlantic Rainforest and opens up a whole host of destinations. Alight at Marumbi, last remaining of the historic stations and you can hike in the cloud-forested peaks. Explore the cobbled streets of Morretes and then take a boat trip to a jungle lodge deep in the island reserve of the Superagui National Park or simply head across to the golden beaches of the island Ilha do Mel.

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