Lencoise Maranhenses

Brazil - Remote Brazil

Bizarre, surreal, otherworldly, the incredible freshwater lagoons and dunes of Lencois Maranhenses may be extremely remote but they are a photgrapher’s dream and one of the most complelling sights in all Brazil!

In the remote north-east corner of Brazil close to the colonial gem of Sao Luis, the towering, bleached dunes of Lencois Maranhenses are one of the most captivating and least visited of Brazil’s National Parks. From above, the 1500km² of ever-changing sand-drift resembles an archetypal desert. Yet come rainy season, the landscape is transformed into an endless patchwork of crystal-clear, fresh-water lagoons best visited between May and September on an adventurous 4×4 jeep safari. There, you can bathe in the magnificent turquoise pools and admire the wind-sculpted dunes before heading off to explore the beaches, mangrove forests and unique wildlife of the Parnaiba Delta.

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