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  • A boat rip into the Amazon, Brazil
  • Squirrel Monkey, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil
  • Native hut in the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil
  • Pink River Dolphin, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil
  • Sunset over the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil
  • Toco, Toucan, Amazon Rainforest, Brazil


Amazon Lodges - Brazil

The vast Amazon Rainforest dominates northern Brazil and what better way to explore the rainforest’s extraordinary diversity and rich wildlife than by staying at an eco-lodge deep within the jungle. From the regional capital and buzzing metropolis Manaus, jungle lodges line the banks of the Negro River and are found as far upriver as the ecological reserve of the Anavilhanas Archipelago. As ever, the further away from civilisation you travel, the more pristine the environment and the better the rainforest experience. At Oasis Travel, we work with a number of eco-lodges from simple, wooden camps shrouded in lush vegetation to larger resorts, all of which hold conservation and sustainability at their core. Many evoke the traditional design of the indigenous tribes yet all offer fully inclusive jungle adventures. Each day you will head out into the forest accompanied by local guides to experience the sights and sounds of the Amazon. Paddle through remote channels; spot monkeys hanging from the trees; enjoy the morning chorus from the observation towers or fish for piranha in the murky waters!

Amazon Lodges - Brazil Hotels

$$$$ Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge Amazon Lodges - Brazil

The height of comfort and style in the Brazilian rainforest, Anavilhanas is shrouded in unspoilt jungle deep along the Negro River some 3½ hours by river and road from Manaus. Across the water,...

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$$$$ Cristalino Jungle Lodge Amazon Lodges - Brazil


Cristalino is a unique conservation project and jungle lodge tucked into the southern edge of the Amazon Rainforest accessible only by water. Two hours by road and river from Alta Floresta, it sits...

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$$$$ Uakari Lodge Amazon Lodges - Brazil

Remote Location

Uakari Lodge is a community-based eco-tourism project deep in the Mamiraua Reserve, a vast area of over a million hectares at the confluence of the Solimoes, Japura and Auti-Parana rivers. It...

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$$$ Amazon Village Amazon Lodges - Brazil

The Amazon Village is a traditional jungle lodge on the banks of Puraquequara Lake located 30km from Manaus just off one of the side tributaries of the Amazon River. From Manaus, guests arrive in...

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