Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is at the crossroads of West Africa is an excellent destination for anyone interested in seeing a picturesque countryside and exploring African culture and music. You can pursue elephants. Burkina Faso has the largest elephant population, and the country is replete with game reserves. Take time out to visit the annual Barani horse festival, sleep at a traditional Kassena courtyard or be amazed over the Domes de Fabedougou.

The swirling, cone-shaped limestone domes make Dômes de Fabedougou a surreal, arresting sight. Rivalling the Bungle Bungles in West Australia, their geological twins, estimated to be 1.8 billion years making it a great spot to visit.

Burkina Faso is also known for its natural beauty. Sindou Peaks once submerged under the sea; these magical, sculpted sandy hills are Burkina’s top physical sight.

Traditions play an essential role in the cultures of the different ethnic groups and festivals, and ceremonies are part of them. Local mask and dance festivals, and the international film festival in Ouagadougou for instance, and The Tour du Faso, Burkina’s annual cycle race.

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