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  • Bobo-Dioulasso
  • Bobo-Dioulasso



Bobo-Dioulasso may be Burkina Faso's second-largest city, but it has small-town charm. Its tree-lined streets exude a languid, semitropical atmosphere that makes it a preferred rest stop for travellers. 

Visit the Grand Mosque. Built in 1893, this building an outstanding example of Sahel-style mud architecture, with conical towers and wooden struts, support the structure and act as scaffolding during replastering. Visitors are allowed inside the building and up onto the roof terrace, where you'll get a different perspective of the grand towers.

The ruins of Lorpeni were added to The UNESCO World Heritage site in 2009.  Imposing stone walls best often preserved fortresses in the Lobi area. These fortresses are a larger group of 100 stone enclosures bearing testimony to the power of the trans-Saharan gold trade. 


Bobo-Dioulasso Hotels

$ Hotel Villa Rose Bobo-Dioulasso

The new Villa Rose, opened in 2014, is located in a leafy park of Koko district, at walking distance from Bobo city centre. The hotel has been conceived as an extension of the local nature, and it is...

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