Phnom Penh

Cambodia - Phnom Penh & the South

The historic and charming city of Phnom Penh offers the visitor a wealth of opportunities to explore both the ancient and modern day history. The Royal Palace, although not as quite as grand as the one in Bangkok and the Silver Pagoda, the National Museum (which houses many of the important artefacts from Angkor) are all “must see’s” on any visit.

There are vibrant and colourful markets, the banks of Tonle Sap and the Mekong River to explore as well as many fine bars and restaurants. Although we recognise not to everyone’s taste, visits to Tuol Sleng, a school house turned detention and torture centre and the now serene “killing fields” of Cheung Ek are highly recommended and although harrowing, will give the visitor an unadulterated feel of what the average Cambodian went through just 30 years ago under the Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge regime.

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