Battle Harbour

Canada - Atlantic Provinces

The locals say you’ve never been anywhere quite like Battle Harbour, one of the only places on earth where the distance from the modern world can be measured in both kilometres and years. You may discover restored historical villages, small all-inclusive Island escapes, and clapboard Atlantic fishing villages, but then you won’t find them blended, infused with a fascinating past and stunning sub-Arctic beauty.

Why not journey by boat to a place without power lines or cell towers, cars or paved roads, where you can walk along footpaths worn by fishermen and merchants centuries ago or sleep in one of the Island’s 18th-century houses restored to their original state, a place you can spend the night.

Go hiking on tundra-like islands, fish for cod, meet the locals in their summer cottages, and watch orcas brush up against your boat if you’re lucky. Without the barrage of modern distractions, you may find the time and space needed for spiritual connection and reawakening.

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