Bay of Fundy

Canada - Atlantic Provinces

Winding its way between the Maritime provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, the Bay of Fundy is one hundred and seventy miles of craggy cliffs, thundering waves, and ecological wonders.

This unique place will reward you with the world’s highest tides, billion-year-old coastlines, and every kind of experience: wet, wild, and sophisticated. You can Bike, hike, or drive along the Fundy Trail- rappel down craggy cliffs at Cape Enrage or set up camp at Fundy National Park.

If you want to take a swim, the New River Beach Provincial Park and Herring Cove Provincial Park is the perfect spot for a dip. And the vibrant city life is at the centre of it all in Saint John—the only City on the Bay of Fundy, a place that not only feeds your sense of adventure. It nourishes your soul.

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