Northwest National Parks

Canada - Northern Canada

The Northwest Territories are home to six national parks, where rivers run glassy-clear, peaks leap high into the heavens, waterfalls plummet, and wild beasts abound. Like Nahanni National Park Reserve, some parks are a paradise for adventurers who pursue remote wilderness.

Alpinists are equally drawn to the Cirque of the Unclimbables, and paddlers can explore the heart of the reserve and mountaineers trek, compass in hand, across the range, meadows, and karst.

Others are considered the most untrammelled places on the planet. No matter whether you’re waiting for bison to make way for your car in Wood Buffalo National Park or ascending an unnamed, unclimbed peak in Nááts’ihch’oh, you’ll be experiencing Earth in its perfect form: glorious, wild, and free.

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