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  • Lakes of Ounianga
  • Lakes of Ounianga
  • Lakes of Ounianga


Lakes of Ounianga

The Lakes of Ounianga include eighteen interconnected lakes in the hyper-arid Ennedi region of the Saharan Desert.

This area constitutes an exceptional natural landscape of great beauty with striking colours and shapes. The saline, hypersaline and freshwater lakes are supplied by groundwater and are found in two groups forty kilometres apart. 

Ounianga Kebir comprises four lakes, the largest, Yoan with its highly alkaline waters sustaining algae and some microorganisms. The second group, Ounianga Serir, consists of fourteen lakes separated by dunes. 

Floating reeds cover almost half the surface of these lakes reducing evaporation; With their high-quality freshwater, these lakes are home to aquatic fauna, mainly numerous fish species.