The vast land that is China has so much to offer the visitor – no matter what your interests are there are always fabulous travel options! Whether you want to explore the gleaming ever expending great cities, relax in stunning rural countryside with tribal peoples who have changed very little of the centuries or cruising the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River there really is something for everyone. It is a land of modern architectural wonders and ancient structures that will inspire and amaze.

China will always stimulate, entertain and bewilder and whatever your experience you will always be left with priceless memories of a country in the midst of reinventing itself and forging its way to the forefront of the 21st Century. There are Taoist and Buddhist temples, classic tea-houses, labyrinthine canals and majestic palaces to explore, providing harbours of calm in the midst of the bustling modern world.

Belying its image as a uniform nation, China’s hinterland, and in particular its southern and western regions is home to numerous vibrant minority cultures that add colour to any classic itinerary. China is truly a country of thrilling contrasts, bursting with energy and magic.

The accommodation matches the splendor of the countryside, there are quaint merchant houses, historic colonial hotels and megalithic modern city hotels and with so much to see and do China offers travellers the chance to visit many times and always return home having experienced something both new and rewarding!

There are many travel companies that offer trips to China, we here at Oasis Travel do not profess to be among the cheapest, but all our trips are unusual, well planned and most importantly represent excellent value for money. We only use the best quality hotels (there are literally 1000’s of substandard hotels around China), qualified English speaking guides and well trained local drivers in safe well maintained private vehicles. We do not use any coach companies for tours or transfers – everything we organise in China is on an individual private basis, giving you unrivaled flexibility and a fully personalised experience.

With so much to explore one visit is just never enough!

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