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The ancient walled city of Pingyao has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997(one of only two cities in China) and is one of the best preserved walled cities, most of which were destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. Located in Shanxi Province, it was originally was established some 2,700 years ago. It hosts some of the best-preserved traditional architecture in China and mostly stands as it was during its heyday in the late Ming and Qing dynasties. 

Over the centuries, Pingyao prospered into the most important trading and financial centre in China and was where the country's earliest commercial banks were established. These institutions were the first in China to issue checks and had branches in many countries from Singapore in the South to Russia in the North reflecting the undisputed premier trading and financial status of Pingyao at the time.

It is truly one of China’s off the beaten track gems and one of our favourite destinations in the country! 

Pingyao Hotels

$$$$ Jing’s Residence Pingyao

Character Boutique, Directors favourites, Historic Hotel

Nestled amongst dusty curio shops and traditional noodle restaurants in the old world walled city of Pingyao is the 19-room Jing's Residence. The design of this small boutique hotel echoes...

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$$ Yide Hotel Pingyao

Historic Hotel

Yide Hotel is situated in a quiet little blind alley just a few minutes' walk from the main street, Nan Dajie. The hotel is a beautifully renovated courtyard house built in 1736 during the reign of...

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