The Lost City

Colombia - Remote Colombia

High in the Sierra Nevada mountains above Santa Marta, Colombia’s “Lost City” is an ancient city and archaeological wonder cloaked in eerie, tropical forest.

Dating back to 800 AD, some 650 years before Machu Picchu, the site was only recently discovered by the outside world. In 1972, treasure hunters stumbled upon 1200 stone steps which led them high into the mountain and into the heart of the complex. Today, the Lost City can only be reached by an arduous, 5-6 day trek through dense jungle, crossing rivers and waterfalls and staying in basic hammock camps. The effort, however, is well worth it! From the top, over 160 terraces, plazas and stone pathways plunge down the hillside as the canopy opens up offering breathtaking panoramic views of the Sierra Nevada. The Lost City lies deep in Kogi territory, the indigenous descendants of the Tayrona civilisation thought to have built the site, and hikers also experience the rich culture of the local villages.

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