The medieval town of Ilok is a cultural and historical landmark complex preserved by the national government. This small space makes it possible to travel back to the past and stroll through the centuries. Ilok is the Danubian wine kingdom, and Ilok’s Gewürztraminer and other wines sorts of this region are conquering the market and most of the town’s visitors.

Iločki Traminac (Gewürztraminer), Welschriesling, Pinot White, Chardonnay and Riesling have been a part of the offer of many wine stores worldwide. Iločki Traminac has been served to the British Royal family since the 19th century and has been on their official wine list ever since. The attractive old cellars of the Odescalchi Castle and several other wine cellars offer the possibility of tasting wine and delicious homemade food. There are also unique old wine cellars from the 15th century which are a must-see. The time has stood in parts of this beautiful town for hundreds of years. It retains an atmosphere that will delight travellers who dislike other Croatian towns’ fast, modern pace. A wealth of monuments testify to its long history and cultural traditions. Ilok is best explored by bicycle or on foot, at a slow pace fitting the pace of life here.

The town’s principal attraction is its museum in Odescalchi Castle above the Danube, offering some spectacular river views. The castle was built on the foundations of a 15th-century fort, later rebuilt by the Italian family Odescalchi in today’s baroque-classicist style. The museum offers well-presented displays with information panels in English which lead you through the town’s history under different rulers. On the top floor is a famous ethnographic section with a stunning collection of costumes.

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