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Ludbreg is a town located in north-western Croatia, in the upper Podravina region, in the eastern part of the Varaždin County, right where the picturesque slopes of the Kalnik become the tame Podravina plain.

Ludbreg earned its moniker after a 19th-century Swiss doctor who drew concentric circles with the town as its centre while playing around with a map. His geographical doodling made him realise that several prominent cities fell along his drawn lines and were at equal distances from Ludbreg. This discovery led him to declare that the Croatian town was, in fact, the centre of the world. Though it may be an inaccurate geographical calculation, Ludbreg still takes pride in its alleged place at the nucleus of it all. In its main square, a monument of colourful, concentric circles spread from a plaque representing the town like rings wrapped around a planet. Markers depicting other cities speckle the display, arranged as if orbiting around the central stone.

Ludbreg Hotels

Hotel Castellum$$$

The hotel offers modern furnishings in its 30 accommodation units, along with a cardio fitness gym and the ZEN Massage & Therapy Centre. Guests can park their vehicles under video surveillance, and take advantage of the free electric vehicle charging station. Hungry guests can enjoy the gastronomic delights of the Watchtower Bar, which boasts the most beautiful terrace in town, the Sky Bar, with its stunning view of the town, and the intimate Wine Bar, which is the perfect place to plan ...

Hotel Castellum
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