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The Arctic is a polar region situated in the northernmost part of the Earth. It comprises the Arctic Ocean, adjacent seas, and parts of Canada, Greenland, Northern Finland, Iceland, Northern Norway, Russia, Northernmost Sweden, and the United States (Alaska). The land in the Arctic region has seasonal snow and ice cover and is mostly treeless permafrost (underground ice that is permanently frozen) under the tundra.

The Arctic seas contain seasonal sea ice in many areas. It is a unique area among Earth’s ecosystems, and the cultures and indigenous people have adapted to its cold and extreme conditions. Much vegetation is tundra, where only the topmost layer of soil thaws in summer and no deep-rooted plants can thrive. As evaporation is low in the cool climate, bogs, mires, and lakes are common.

There are also areas with lichen and other hardy species growing on the rocks and areas covered in perennial ice. However, in the short summer, there can be an impressive variety of flowers, insects, and birds, and some regions are home to caribou, reindeer, musk oxen, and other similar animals. Several smaller mammals also include lemmings, Arctic foxes, wolves, and bears.

At Oasis Travel, we understand that visiting the Arctic region is a lifetime trip. We have used our extensive knowledge and experience to handpick the best boats and itineraries. We will discuss the many ships on offer and highlight our favourite voyages.

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