Stretching the length of the Mediterranean’s southern shores towards the coral wonderland of the Red Sea, North Africa is a fascinating melting pot of ancient Nubian, Arabic and Berber cultures and civilisations. Walled citadels sit alongside modern cities and tribal villages set against the soaring peaks of the Atlas Mountains and wind-sculpted dunes of the Sahara Desert.

The Great Pyramids of Egypt need little introduction, yet head east along the coast, and you will discover breathtaking beaches, picturesque villages and some of the most beautiful ruins of the classical world. In Libya, few sites rival the Roman City of Leptis Magna while crossing into Tunisia, and you can marvel at the tremendous Phoenician Capital Carthage and the impressive El Djem amphitheatre.

In Morocco, medieval medinas from Marrakech to Fes hide a bustling labyrinth of alleys, souqs and bazaars that assault your every sense. Here, basing yourself in a traditional Riad Palace, you can escape the heady atmosphere and experience a soothing oasis of tranquillity. Away from the cities, the landscapes are dotted with terracotta canyons, crumbling kasbah fortresses and Hollywood film sets. Finally, gorges dissolve into rolling Saharan dunes, the fantastic base for camel treks to remote desert camps – the climax of any North African itinerary!

As all our itineraries are individually tailor-made, we can create your ideal North African holiday by exploring one country in depth or visiting several countries to gain a true taste of all that the region has to offer.

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