The fascinating region of North Asia is as culturally rich and geographically diverse as any area on the globe. Most of the region is dominated by China, which itself is very diverse, but the autonomous regions of Hong Kong, Macau and Tibet offer the traveller a very different take on “Classic China” as do areas that make up the Silk Road and Yunnan.

Japan, whilst geographically close to China, could not be more different in almost every aspect. From the cuisine and culture to the local customs and etiquette you will find yourself immersed in a journey of the senses quite unlike you will find anywhere else on earth.

The region is perfect for families with many fascinating excursions to keep both the kids and adults entertained, from kite flying on the Great Wall to Kung Fu lessons on the steps of the Temple of Heaven, or visiting a sumo training stable to walking with Geishas in Kyoto.

Similarly the accommodation options are equally as diverse. China is home to some of the very best super luxurious international hotels in the world as well as many superb small boutique resorts and private residences in far flung rural areas. In Japan why not try a stay in a traditional Ryokan (ancient Japanese Inn) or spend a night in a Buddhist temple – a much more luxurious experience than you would ever imagine!

As all our itineraries are individually tailor-made we can create your ideal North Asia holiday experience exploring one country in depth or visiting several countries to gain a true taste of all that the region has to offer.

We can also combine holidays to China and Japan with North or South Korea, Taiwan or Mongolia.

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