With hundreds of springs set in a lush, verdant landscape, Dakhla is regarded as the prettiest of the oases. A long band of pinkish rock sits along the northern horizon and olives, dates, wheat and rice thrive on the fertile farmland.

The capital, Mut, has an Ethnographic Musuem, displaying figures sculpted by a local artist.

Stroll along the narrow streets and alleyways and haggle with local traders or even go cycling around Mut and visit the area at your own pace, You can indulge if you wish in total luxury in a local spa called Al Tarfa.

If you want to go further out, hire a pickup truck for the day, and driver if you wish, to visit the narrow winding streets and mudbrick houses of Al-Qasr, northwest of Mut, The town has a 12th-century mosque and a 10th century school with superb rooftop views.

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