Aland Islands

Finland - Coastal Finland

Off Finland’s south-west coast lies the Åland archipelago, an autonomous Swedish-speaking province of Finland with its own administration, flag and stamps, whose ancient Swedish culture can be traced back to pagan times.

Åland is a demilitarized zone, so no armed forces may be stationed there, and no fortifications may be built on the islands. There is much to discover in Åland, including the medieval castle of Kastelholm, the port of Mariehamn with the SS Pommern, the fortress ruins of Bomarsund, 16 churches dating back to medieval times, and, of course, the archipelago itself. Åland attracts history buffs from around the world as it has a wealth of museums to visit, including the Bomarsund Museum, Åland Museum, Åland Art Museum, Hermas Farmstead Museum, and the delightful Jan Karlsgården Open Air Museum. Åland also hosts numerous music and cultural festivals over the course of the year, the most notable of which are the Maritime Day Åland, the Alandia Jazz Festival in the summer, and the Katrina Concerts, where you can enjoy some of the best chamber music in Europe.

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