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French Polynesia - DESTINATIONS & HOTELS


Surrounding one of the world's most fabulous destinations for scuba diving, the 240 islets string together in the ocean for more than 177 km's encircle a deep lagoon. Rangiroa is beyond human imagination where the world's second-largest atoll is a place where land and sea form an unexpected truce. Different kinds of the ocean surround this beautiful loop of islands. Moana-tea-Peaceful Ocean defines the lagoon and Moana-uri -Wild Ocean- where whales, manta rays, dolphins and sharks put on a show for the lucky few who come to experience their world. 

Back on land, the main villages of Avatoru and Tiputa offer a unique view of the South Pacific. Along the few roads that exist, you will encounter coral churches, craft centres, local restaurants and a boulangerie, with a few tiny shops operated by locals. Wine lovers can also enjoy wine tasting at the Dominique Auroy Estate nestled within a coconut grove, producing three grape varieties, and the many black pearl farms, which dot the lagoon.


Rangiroa Hotels

$$$ Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa Rangiroa

The Hotel Kia Ora Resort & Spa is located on the northern stretch of Rangiroa near the Tiputa Pass. Surrounded by a coconut plantation, the resort combines this convenient setting with hidden...

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$$ Hotel Maitai Rangiroa Rangiroa

The Hotel Maitai Rangiroa is located on the lagoon between the passes of Avatoru and Tiputa. This hotel offers excellent French Polynesia accommodation at a great value, welcoming hospitality,...

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