In the heart of Europe lies a country famed for its exquisite wines and thermal waters. This is the land of Tokaji Aszú, one of the finest sweet wines on Earth, and this is a nation with more thermal springs than any other on the continent.

One that is landlocked yet can still be called the “Land of Waters”, containing the world’s largest biologically active thermal lake suitable for bathers. A land where tradition, history and a glamorous modern lifestyle go hand in hand, reflected in Michelin-starred gastronomy that embraces new trends while honouring its stellar past.

Discover the treasures of the past. The country’s built heritage, castles, palaces and historical legacy are unparalleled. With its characteristic dome, Buda Castle stands on top of Buda Castle Hill. At one time, it served as a royal residence, and today, it is home to two museums and the foremost library in the country.

With so much to explore one visit is just never enough!

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