Known as one of the holiest destinations in India, Varanasi sits on the banks of the sacred river Ganges and is the site where Hindu pilgrims come to bathe in the ghats in a ritual that washes away ones sins and cleanses the mind body and spirit.

Alongside the bathing ghats are the burning ghats or funeral pyres here the bodies of the recently deceased are taken and cremated leaving a haze of smoke over the riverfront. It is quite an assault on the senses. The Old City is a maze of tiny alleys and is home to several colourful temples, including the beautiful Golden Temple – which is only accessible to Hindus.

Varanasi is one of India’s main silk producers making it the ideal place to purchase exquisite high quality fabrics. Close to Varanasi and worth a visit is Sarnath, the site where Buddha preached his first sermon and is now a spiritual place of mainly ruined stupas, shrines and temples.

Varanasi – Luxury Collection

Taj Nadesar Palace$$$$

The property offers 16 rooms and suites, with spacious living areas and large windows overlooking the beautiful gardens where mango orchards and jasmine fields grow. Choose from four luxuriously appointed Palace Rooms, four Historical Suites and two Royal Suites that have a living room, a master bedroom and a dressing area.

Royal Suites offer a view of the beautiful landscaped gardens. Historical suites offer views of the gardens, swimming pool or the golf course & Palace rooms o...

Taj Nadesar Palace

Varanasi Hotels

BrijRama Palace$$$

Dating back to 1812, this esteemed abode has hosted dignitaries, monarchs, and Maratha rulers for centuries. It offers 32 modern yet traditionally infused rooms, harmonizing luxury and Banarasi heritage seamlessly. Adorned with captivating artworks and prized antiques, every corner echoes with opulence.

Following an 18-year restoration, this 200-year-old architectural masterpiece stands as a striking testament to Varanasi’s allure. The rooftop terrace provides an awe-inspiring vi...

BrijRama Palace Varanasi - view

Taj Ganges, Varanasi$$$

Suryauday Haveli$$$

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