The endearing town of Bundi is located about 36kms from Kota in the sleepy southeast corner of Rajasthan. The town is characterised by its Brahmin caste blue houses which line the streets and narrow laneways like a sea of blue.

Bundi is most well known for being the place that English novelist Rudyard Kipling chose as a relaxing escape from Bombay to write his novels in more tranquil surroundings. Taragarh Fort is the town’s main attraction and gives visitors the chance to explore a genuine 14th Century fort without the commercialism that has overcome other forts from the same era in Rajasthan’s busier towns and cities. Oasis recommends visiting the fort just before sunset where the views from the top are extra spectacular. Bundi Palace is also worth a visit especially for those interested in murals as it features some of Rajasthan’s finest. The best way to explore Bundi is by foot or bike and to lose yourself amongst the old towns many temples and bazaars.

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