This remote 17th Century fortress stronghold belongs to the Jadoan Rajputs of the Chandravanshi sect, who claim their divine ancestry from none other than Lord Krishna! Ramathra was granted as a jagir (a type of feudal land grant bestowed by a monarch to a feudal superior in recognition of his administrative and/or military service) in 1645 AD to Thakur Bhoj Pal by his father the Maharaja of Karauli.

Today the Fort belongs to Thakur Brijendra Rajpal and his family who are descendants of the founder. Ramathra Fort is located on a hilltop which overlooks the beautiful Kalisil Lake and is surrounded by hills and forest. The lake attracts a lot of migratory birds in the winter (Dec – Feb). The unspoiled charm of the area is due to its geographic location.

In the evening we recommend taking a boat trip on the lake. It is peaceful and picturesque with breathtaking sunset views and is rich with birdlife. Life jackets, a birding book and a pair of binoculars are all provided.

Ramathra Hotels

Ramathra Fort$$$$

Accommodation at Ramathra Fort consists of six rooms and six tents. The ensuite tents are scattered around the perimeter of the garden inside the ramparts whereas the rooms and suites are on the first and second floor of the main fort. Both options are spacious and tastefully decorated with traditional block fabrics and modern comfortable furnishing. An additional feature of the suites is that they have a large lounge area and balcony with an outdoor tub and shower, perfect for taking in the ...

Ramathra Fort - Rajasthan India
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