Tel Aviv

Israel - Coastal Israel

Tel Aviv-Jaffa is a city interweaving a dozen cities into a sprawling metropolis home to more than four million Israelis.

It is one of the world’s few cities and a major Mediterranean beach resort, with nine miles of beaches and a fourteen-mile-long promenade lined with umbrellas, umbrellas, lifeguard towers, cafes, pubs, bars and restaurants.

Founded in 1909, and initially prescribed as a garden suburb within the ancient port city of Jaffa, the first residents drew lots in the sand to lay out homes, becoming the first Hebrew-speaking city in over 2,000 years.

They ooze an iconic style, with brashness and chicness displayed in their crafts markets. You will discover elegant boutiques, striking architecture, open-air cafes, and a non-stop pulse here. There is art, dance, music, theatre and opera, something for everyone. Bicycles like the Netherlands are everywhere, and both the Tel Aviv and Jaffa ports have transformed into significant dining, entertainment, and shopping precincts.

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