Manaus Amazon Rainforest “The Meeting of the Waters” Manaus

Explore the rivers, channels and islands of the mighty Amazon Rainforest aboard a classic riverboat! This itinerary is based around one of our favourite vessels, the MV Tucano and their comprehensive 6 night “Voyage into the Heart of the Amazon” cruise. The itinerary takes you deeper into the green wilderness well away from civilisation and offers far better wildlife observation than shorter 3- or 4-night cruises. All activities are subject to water-levels and conditions.

Itinerary Highlights

  • Visit Manaus’ Opera House, glorious legacy of the Rubber Boom
  • Drift along the Amazon River on a traditional wooden riverboat
  • Spot pink river dolphins as you cruise through the Amazon River
  • Observe a wealth of wildlife on guided walks and boat trips
  • Experience the natural phenomenon of the “Meeting of the Waters”

What’s included

  • Private tours for most included activities (shared on the vessel)
  • Meet & greet airport service
  • Luxury or boutique accommodation at your chosen level
  • Expert guides in each destination


This is an example itinerary. It is fully flexible; you can add or detract days and include hotels at your chosen budget. It departs daily.



Price Guide

$6950 – $9950 pp

Our quotes are bespoke for your customised trip. The prices displayed are indicative only, read more

Day 1

Fly to Manaus & Afternoon Tour

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Day 2

Embark the MV Tucano

Early this morning all guests board the vessel the Motor Yacht Tucano and depart upstream on the Rio Negro. Through the morning we will cruise through the world’s largest river island system, the Anavilhanas Archipelago. From the observation deck we scan the magnificent tangle of vegetation at the water’s edge. By mid-afternoon the vessel has gone beyond the frontier of settlement and entered the green rainforest wilderness. Though we cannot predict what we will see, we have a good chance of observing pink river dolphins and a large collection of exotic birds. Most certainly we will be treated to magnificent forest vistas and the spectacular trees themselves. In the late afternoon we embark in the launches and hunt for wildlife. We may also go for a swim in some of the world’s most clean and refreshing water.

We return to the M/Y Tucano for hors d’oeuvres on the observation deck and raise a toast to the rainforest sunset. Following dinner we will embark in our launches in search of nocturnal creatures such as the Caiman and the larger night birds such as a Potoo with its bulging eyes and large mouth adapted to swallow the huge Mariposa Moths.

Day 3

Exploring the Amazon Rainforest

Early this morning we explore the rainforest along the waters edge in our launches or kayaks, each group with a naturalist guide. We should hear and perhaps see howler monkeys and we should hear a morning serenade of toucans. After breakfast we go for a walk in the forest where we will get a good start on understanding Amazon ecology. Around midday we return for lunch and the vessel will get underway, perhaps stopping at a place to swim. In the late afternoon we will again explore the forest in our launches and listen to the sunset chorus of birds and frogs.

Day 4

Exploring the Amazon Rainforest

This morning there will be an early exploration of the waking forest. We will keep our eyes open for monkeys… on most trips we see them often. We return for breakfast followed by either a walk in the forest or an excursion in the launches. M/Y Tucano will travel during the middle of the day and we stop in the afternoon for an excursion. Tonight the vessel may travel a bit more as we marvel at the night sky crowded with stars. (BLD)

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Day 5

Exploring the Amazon Rainforest

After our two morning excursions The M/Y Tucano will navigate along the heavily forested shore, scouting for wildlife. We may stop for a visit at a settler’s home carved out of the forest. In the early afternoon we will be near an extraordinary river called the Rio Jaueperi. Here we will see a kind of forest known as the varzea. We will scout along the shoreline for some of the extraordinary creatures found only in this unique environment. Weather permitting we will have a night excursion to observe nocturnal creatures. (BLD)

Day 6

Exploring the Amazon Rainforest

Today we will voyage to the west side of the Rio Negro and continue to scout in our launches and walk in the forest. We will explore according to the weather and water depth areas rarely visited by anyone else. Tonight the M/Y Tucano goes downstream and river depth permitting, will enter an east bank affluent of the Rio Negro and explore on deep into the rainforest on this small river. After our nocturnal exploration of the rainforest in our launches and we return to the Motor Yacht Tucano for “Caipirinha Night” on and perhaps try a bit of samba on the top deck.

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Day 7

Exploring the Amazon Rainforest

We begin the day with a dawn excursion hunting for wakening wildlife followed by a full Brasilian breakfast. We will then go one last time into the forest. In the mid-afternoon we will begin to journey downstream to arrive late in the day at the “Encontra das Aguas” a stark several mile long line where two of the world’s largest rivers, the Amazon and the Rio Negro join in a turbulent maelstrom. Here the dark water of the Negro runs beside the opaque brown water of the Amazon. At sunset the M/Y Tucano will once again turn her bows upstream on the Rio Negro and journey to our overnight anchorage north of the City of Manaus. As we pass in front of Manaus, we will marvel at the scale of one of the world’s largest and most vibrant port cities, that is over one thousand miles from the sea. Tonight we will have a farewell dinner and prepare for an early departure in the morning.

Day 8

Return to Manaus & Disembark the MV Tucano

A note on price

The prices outlined above are a rough guide to give you an idea of costs and enable you to budget for your trip.

Guide prices are generally for private arrangements based on twin share, in well located, good quality accommodation (excluding international flights).

Please note costs are indicative and may vary due to a number of factors such as; travel date, hotel choice, room category, number of people travelling and prevailing exchange rates.

Price Guide $6950 – $9950 per person

When to travel

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Brazil is a year-round destination and no matter what month you visit, you can find a golden, sun-kissed beach if you are prepared to travel. The tropical north straddles the equator and is warmer – up to 40° at the height of summer – and wetter around the Amazon basin. Heading south, temperatures cool off especially towards the south dropping as low as 15° in winter with even snow falling on the mountains of the Serra Geral close to the border of Argentina. Between November and April, Rio and the south provide ideal beach conditions and are hot and steamy with tempestuous downpours particularly in January through to March. During this period, Iguassu Falls are at their most impressive – though at times the spray can obscure the views – while the Pantanal is oppressive and worth avoiding. Outside these months, head to the north-east coast for sun, hottest (and wettest) on the Bahian coast between April and July.

Add on’s

For a combination of wildlife and classic South American cruises, look no further than the natural wonderland of the Galapagos Islands just off the coast of Ecuador. Here, a wide range of live-aboard cruises (please click here for our favourites) offer a range of 3-14 night iitneraries that take in the breathtaking islands, flora and fauna.

Similarly, there are wonderful cruises through magnificent Patagonian fjords and even expeditions to the great white continent of Antarctica itself accessed from Punta Arenas or Ushuaia at the tip of the South America.

Closer to Brazil, the Pantanal provides a wonderful natural contrast to the Amazon or you might like to head into the Atlantic Rainforest surrounding colonial Paraty or Morretes.

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