This itinerary is perfect for those who wish to experience the beauty of Cagliari, Nora, and Barumini by tasting honey and wine. Get ready to immerse yourself in Gallura’s rich culture and participate in a Sardinian pasta workshop. We’ll also explore the ancient Nuraghi and Giants’ Graves, where you’ll discover the island’s fascinating history.

Itinerary Highlights

  • Pasta Making workshop
  • Localised Food Tours
  • Explore Ancient towns
  • Honey and Wine Tastings
  • Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites

What’s included

  • Private tours for most included activities
  • Meet & greet airport service
  • Luxury or boutique accommodation at your chosen level
  • Expert guides in each destination


This is an example itinerary. It is fully flexible; you can add or detract days and include hotels at your chosen budget. It departs daily.



Price Guide


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Day 1

Fly to Cagliari

plan line
Day 1

Explore Cagliari

Begin your journey by meeting the guide at your hotel. Dive into the charm of this historic city as you navigate the alleys, weaving through small craft shops that reveal the true essence of Cagliari, the jewel of the Mediterranean. Immerse yourself in the captivating history of Cagliari by exploring its four historical districts – Castello, Villanova, Marina, and Stampace. Each district unfolds like a chapter, showcasing the city’s evolution over the centuries.

After a fascinating city tour, prepare for a breathtaking experience at Molentargius Park, a stunning natural wonder that seamlessly blends history and science. Discover stretches of water and the remnants of ancient salt pans in one of Sardinia’s most beautiful parks. This oasis of tranquillity, poised between man and the environment, is home to elegant pink flamingos and over 230 bird species. Witness the harmony of nature and history in this sanctuary, where every step is a journey through time.

Culinary Sardinia
Culinary Sardinia
Day 2

Nora and Pula

Meet your private driver at the hotel and drive to Nora, Sardinia’s best-preserved Roman city. Under the guidance of a knowledgeable local expert, traverse the ancient paths that reveal the layers of history, where the city emerges above the remains of a Phoenician-Punic settlement framed by the breathtaking natural beauty of Capo di Pula’s small peninsula. Explore the well-preserved treasures of Nora, where Roman mosaics tell stories in the most significant buildings.

Marvel at the ancient Roman theatre and immerse yourself in the allure of the thermal baths that whisper tales of a bygone era. A stone’s throw away from the archaeological wonders lies the charming church of Sant’Efisio, honouring the patron martyr of Cagliari. Discover the significance of this church, which sets the stage for some of the most important festivals in Sardinia. Conclude your guided tour in Pula, a delightful destination for shopping and a leisurely break. Relax in the main square, sip on a refreshing drink, and soak in the charming atmosphere of this picturesque village.

Day 3


Meet your driver at the hotel and set the stage for an extraordinary day trip to ‘Su Nuraxi,’ a mesmerizing nuragic complex in Barumini, proudly listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Embark on a seamless journey to explore this remarkable house-fortress, a masterpiece from the Middle Bronze Age and Late Bronze Age, towering up to 18 meters and standing as the best-preserved among the 7000 nuraghi. Immerse yourself in the rich history, offering a glimpse into the social life of Nuragic tribes over 3,500 years ago.

On your way to Olianas, make a unique stop at a local honey production shop for a tasting session. Continue your journey to Olianas, where vineyards unfold before you. Immerse yourself in a guided tour, culminating in a delightful wine-tasting experience complemented by a light lunch. Enjoy a seamless blend of history, culture, and gastronomic delights, creating lasting memories of a truly immersive Sardinian experience.

Culinary Sardinia
Culinary Sardinia
Day 4


Meet your private driver and local expert guide at the hotel, setting the stage for exploring the picturesque Gallura region. Uncover the rich heritage of the villages through various artisan workshops, where skilled craftsmen practice the ancient textile art unique to Gallura, producing some of the finest Italian handmade wool carpets. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty with a panoramic tour through enchanting woods and mountain ravines. Cradled in a valley surrounded by vineyards, cork oaks, and the majestic mountain ‘Limbara,’ Tempio Pausania reveals its historic charm through churches, houses, and old mansions.

Dive into the town’s history with a guided visit before enjoying leisure time. Continue your exploration to Luras, where a visit to an olive yard along the shores of the ‘Liscia’ lake awaits. Marvel at some of Europe’s oldest trees, dating back 4000 years, with an impressive girth. Journey to Calangianus, the island’s primary cork production hub on Sardinia’s north end. Immerse yourself in the world of cork as you explore the old monastery transformed into a captivating museum dedicated to the art and history of cork-making.

Day 5

Culinary countryside

Today, you can enjoy time at leisure admiring the Italian countryside and embarking on a pasta-making adventure with local experts as you discover the secrets of crafting culurgiones, a distinctive Sardinian pasta. Immerse yourself in hands-on classes at a charming ‘agriturismo’ farmhouse, spending half a day learning the art of traditional Sardinian pasta dishes. Roll up your sleeves, master the culurgiones technique, and savour your creations amidst the scenic countryside—a perfect blend of learning and indulgence!

Culinary Sardinia
Culinary Sardinia
Day 6


Meet your private driver at the hotel and embark on an archaeological adventure through the rugged landscapes of Sardinia, where the mighty Nuraghi stand as silent sentinels of the past. Unlock the secrets of these megalithic defensive structures, crafted during the Middle to Late Bronze Age (c. 1600-1200 BCE). Your expert local guide will accompany you, leading you through the fascinating remnants of a bygone era. Explore the enigmatic Nuraghe La Prisgiona, where history whispers through stone walls. Feel the mystique as you wander among the Giants’ graves of Coddu Vecchiu, each monument telling tales of a time long gone. Conclude your adventure with a delightful wine-tasting experience, savouring the rich flavours of Sardinia’s renowned wines before returning to the comfort of your hotel.

Day 7

Fly home

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There are many add-on holiday options to this Sardinia itinerary; for example, you might want to check out the Amalfi coast in Italy or the Greek islands like Santorini and Mykonos. You could visit Rome, Athens, or Pompeii to explore historical sites and ancient ruins. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, you might want to consider visiting Switzerland for its stunning mountain views or Croatia for its beautiful coastline.

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