Whenever one mentions Japan, it conjures up many different images, and this diversity is evident on any visit. You can visit the country numerous times and never fully embrace the many facets of its rich cultural heritage or understand the modernity that blankets the country. It is a country where you can travel in the comfort of the world’s most advanced rail network, but the conductor will always bow in a respectful, ancient manner upon departing the carriage. You can explore the tranquil, immaculate Zen gardens one day and then find yourself deep in the world’s largest metropolis the next. No two days are the same, and it is certainly never dull!

The four main islands offer a unique combination of rugged, beautiful countryside and stunning beaches to massive cities. Explore the hidden world of the geisha, walk the ancient Samurai trails or spend a morning with the giant Sumo wrestlers at one of their training stables. Japan is a year-round destination, and nowhere will you find the seasons more pronounced than anywhere on earth; from the stunning cherry blossom of spring to the golden glow of autumn, the country never fails to amaze with its natural beauty. Summers can be hot and dreamy when all is in bloom, and in the winters, it is often snow-covered – a perfect ski destination!

The food alone is reason enough to visit Japan. You will undoubtedly come across the weird and wonderful but always tasty and fresh. There is so much more than “sushi and sashimi” that will satisfy even the fussiest eaters! Okonomiyaki, tempura and tonkatsu are our favourites, but there are hundreds of different styles and flavours to explore – be brave and try something new.

A land of endless discovery and wonder!

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