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  • Umm Al-Jimal


Umm Al-Jimal

Umm Al Jimal, an Arabian Oasis for desert caravans, is eighty-sixed kilometres away from the capital, and well known as the Black Oasis, built using black basalt blocks supported with similar rectangular blocks in an ancient Nabataean settlement. The history of this city goes back to the Romanian Byzantine Age.

The antiques of the Byzantium churches in Umm El Jimal include an ancient mosaic said to represent the Jordan River with cities and villages mentioned in the Holy Book. Near Umm El Jimal, there is residue of a Byzantium settlement with a 15-meter tower on its upper end, used by the Monks for solitude. Historically, Umm El Jimal was famous as the link to the roads of Palestine and Jordan with those of Syria and Iraq.