Far Northern Laos

Laos - Northern Laos

Along with north-western Cambodia, the far north of Laos is one of the truly adventurous destinations in Asia. Due to the lack of facilities and infrastructure travel in the remote region can be arduous, but is ultimately very rewarding.

Oasis pride ourselves on our detailed itineraries and the way things “just go according to plan” but in this region you have to travel with a huge degree of flexibility as things will inevitably change en route according to local conditions and transport options.

You will need to leave a couple of days grace before you plan to fly out of Luang Prabang just in case – although things are now slowly improving as the area moves slowly into the 20th century (yes 20th….not 21st ). The best place to base yourself for exploring the area is around Luang Nam Tha. Three day treks through verdant forests and remarkable mountain scenery staying with locals in hidden Akha villages can be arranged. This area is remote and wild, Oasis only recommends it for the most intrepid “adventurers”!

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