Be it winter or summer, the narrow cobbled streets of Kuldīga are charming year-round and are Latvians’ own favourite local destination for a romantic getaway.

Choose the well-maintained walking trails on either bank of the Venta River for scenic walks. The tidy urban environment and the city’s pleasant atmosphere make it ideal for romantic walks. Kuldīga is commonly known as the Nordic Venice, and due to the water that flows through it and its abundant historical architecture, it is included in UNESCO’s Latvian National Register. A visit to Kuldīga is incomplete without wading across the Venta Rapids, Europe’s widest waterfall. A definite must-do when visiting Kuldīga! Alternatively, you could swim in the Venta at the Mārtiņsala blue flag bathing area. If you would rather stay dry, we recommend observing the river’s calm waters from the old brick bridge.

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