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Valmiera, the northern gateway to Gauja National Park, delights visitors with its beautiful nature and cultural and historical monuments, hosting interesting cultural and sporting events and providing breathtaking stories and legends.

Valmiera’s main ‘street’ is the River Gauja, which divides the city in two, one of which is called Pārgauja. Valmiera is located 107km from Riga. The River Gauja endows Valmiera with a naturalness that one can enjoy when walking along the Gauja’s banks; it takes just five minutes to reach the walking trails. Culture and art enthusiasts can enjoy performances in the Valmiera Drama Theatre and art exhibitions, which are available both in Valmiera Museum and Valmiera Community Centre. The art gallery known as ‘Gallery Laipa’, in its turn, provides an opportunity for everyone to express themselves in a creative way by engaging in various master classes.

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