Near the old Akkar town lies a castle, built over a rocky protrusion by Mihriz, a citizen from Akkar, at the end of the 10th century. This castle, 210 meters long, and70 meters wide, is surrounded by five rectangular towers, and used to be a strategic spot in the district of Akkar.

Inside there were two halls separated by a tunnel. The upper floor contained a vaulted pond, and the upper part of the tower carries a frieze of lions that dates to Sultan Baibars’ time, who repaired it during the 13th century.

In the Akkar region, ancient history and rich rural landscapes fuse. Discover for yourself Akkar’s beautiful coastal strip by bike, on flat internal roads that stretch over a distance of 41 kilometres or visit sites off-the-beaten-track, meet the local Bedouins, visit salt extraction sites and horse farms, and pass by the Ostwane and Arka rivers, lined with old bridges.

In winter, Akkar is mesmerising and a famous destination for Astro-tourism, stargazing, and astrophotography.

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