Climb Mount Kinabalu

Malaysia - Borneo (Sabah)

Sabah, as well as being home to the most impressive array of flora and fauna in Southeast Asia, is also home to its highest peak, namely Mount Kinabalu. Standing at 4093 meters to climb to its peak is an extraordinary adventure.

The ascent takes two days of pretty strenuous, but achievable trekking, with an overnight stop in en route. But all the hard work of reaching the summit can be rewarded with magnificent views of the dawn breaking. The accommodation en route is very basic with shared facilities. Due to the high altitude, clouds are trapped in many parts of the Park and heavy rainfall occurs for several months of the year from October to January, while February to May are generally the driest months. A common climatic feature of the Park, are bright early mornings, followed by clouds mid-morning which obscure the mountains by mid-day. Temperatures on the way up fall quickly and we recommend that you bring suitable warm clothing and appropriate footwear.

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