Sepilok Orang-utan Reserve

Malaysia - Borneo (Sabah)

For the majority of travellers no trip to Borneo is complete with out seeing the majestic orang-utan. The orang-utan sanctuary at Sepilok is famed worldwide for its fantastic work in rehabilitating these apes with the view to releasing them back to the wild.

Although the 40 sq km park is densely covered in jungle there is a feeding platform that orang-utan go to at set times of day, this greatly enhances your chances of seeing them. Rather than staying in KK or Sandakan and only making a lightening visit we recommend that you stay at one of the nearby lodges, this gives you the chance to visit the feeding time more than once. Generally speaking the afternoon feeding is much less busy as the day trippers have all left and things are quieter which in turn encourages more of the shy apes out in to the open. It is also possible to take a night safari along the raised platforms in to see the creatures of the jungle at their most active.

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